Though they were no doubt used for other similar contemporary

It is commonly believed that hard wooden, round balls were the first balls used for golf between the 14th through the 17th centuries. Though they were no doubt used for other similar contemporary stick and ball games, made from hardwoods such as beech and box trees, there is no definite evidence that they were used in golf in Scotland. It is equally, if not more likely, that leather balls filled with cows’ hair were used, imported from The Netherlands from at least 1486 onward.[1] Then or later, the featherie ball was developed and introduced.

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canada goose It’s fast cooked with cream or whole milk, some spices often accompanied with fruits, like cloves and cinnamon and sugar. This soup is often thickened with creme fraiche and flour mixture. It’s served sometimes hot, but mainly cold from the fridge. The United States was concerned by the prospect of Argentina turning to the Soviet Union for support,[31] and initially tried to mediate an end to the conflict. Secretary of State Alexander Haig announced that the United States would prohibit arms sales to Argentina and provide material support for British operations. Provided the United Kingdom with military equipment ranging from submarine detectors to the latest missiles.[33][34][35][36] President Ronald Reagan approved the Royal Navy’s request to borrow the Sea Harrier capable amphibious assault ship USS Jima if the British lost an aircraft carrier. canada goose

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Give in “yield” is from 1610s; give out is mid 14c., “publish, announce;” meaning “run out, break down” is from 1520s. Give up “surrender” is mid 12c. To give (someone) a cold seems to reflect the old belief that one could be cured of disease by deliberately infecting others.

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